Designer Merja Palin

“The Finnish nature is my inspiration”


My fascinating journey as a designer has led me through interesting paths up to this moment. 

The origins of my designs are in the Finnish nature and it is an inspirer and a source of inspiration for me. It is also from the Finnish nature that I have fetched motifs for my designs, now for over twenty years. 

As a young designer, when creating my first designs for Finlayson, Borås Cotton and Kangastus I knew I was on the right track. I really wanted to design beauty which would be in everyone’s reach. 

For eleven years I designed scarves and ties for Marja Kurki. For me, it was the university of design. I learned the use of color, richness in patterns and the sensitive art of drawing patterns on silk. 

For the last six years I have been an independent designer working as a freelancer for my own company. Many interesting customers have made my work versatile. 

I have designed fabrics, napkins, linen products, children's products, bags, scarves, ties, booklets and rugs. All of the products have been given inspiration from the richness of the Finnish nature, Finnishness, clear colors and shapes. 

My customers are, for example, Eurokangas, Kangastus, Lapuan Kankurit, Havi, Reipastuote, Pyroll, Jysmä and Paperipiste.

I love my profession and I hope that my designs pass on the richness of nature, joy and color over to everyone.

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